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Οι μέρες είναι λίγες και η αντίστροφη μέτρηση έχει αρχίσει.

Jaw Bones ζεσταίνουν την βραδιά μέχρι να μας κάψουν και καταλαβαίνεις τις άγριες διαθέσεις χωρίς δισταγμούς στον Stoner rock ήχο τους. Πρόσφατα ανέβηκε το πρώτο τους βιντεοκλίπ για το κομμάτι "Ego Tripper" του καινούργιου τους άλμπουμ "Wrongs on a Right Turn" του οποίου αναμένεται η κυκλοφορία στις 30 Μαΐου. Οι Killson δεν σηκώνουν εκπτώσεις στο Μetal Grunge. Κυκλοφόρησε το καινούργιο τους Digital Single και πρώτο τους Video clip "Crevice". Ανεβαίνουν από την Αθήνα και οι Maplerun οι οποίοι μετά το λαηβ φεύγουν on Tour και στις βαλίτσες τους έχουν το ολοκαίνουργιο άλμπουμ "PARTYKRASHER" από τον βραβευμένο με Grammy παραγωγό David Bottrill και συνεργάτη των Tool. Όλα αυτά... στον καινούργιο χώρο του Principal Club Theater τσεκ ιτ!

*Ευχαριστούμε για το poster Σταύρος Θεοχάρους Βασίλης Ζιντσένκο!

Jaw Bones
Jaw Bones is a Grunge rooted Heavy Rock/ Stoner band from Thessaloniki, Greece, that formed in the summer of 2006. After 6 years of hard work, they recorded their first self-titled EP at "Mix Studio" with George Brigkos. Up until today Jaw Bones have performed live on stage along with many bands like: Monster Magnet (USA), Clutch (USA), Karma To Burn (USA), Therapy? (Ireland), Sardonis (Belgium), Nightstalker (Greece), Planet Of Zeus (Greece), 1000Mods (Greece), Μωρά στην Φωτιά (Greece), Agnes Vein (Greece) and many more. At present Jaw Bones have finished recording their first full length album at the same studio as before with Fotis, but are mixing and mastering it at "Zero Gravity Studios" with Dimitris Dimitriades in Athens. The album is very close to completion and the band is going to release it and start promoting it as soon as possible.

KILLSON is an alternative rock/metal band from Thessaloniki - Greece. A massive sounding quartet formed in 2011, which started as a trio and performed as such until 2015. KILLSON are: Jim Killson (Dimitris Karagkiozopoulos) vocals / guitar, John Bidis (John Charalampidis) Drums, Billy Kap (Vasilis Kapitanidis) guitar and Nick Grey (Nikos Georgitsopoulos) on the bass guitar.
After a long and dark period of songwriting process that started early in 2006, songs started to come forth until the project was ready on 2011. The band is based on an idea of the songwriter, singer and guitarist of the band, Jim Killson.

Vigorous songwriting, rigorous minimalism, precision, grit and authority are what KILLSON is all about. Their music is a mixture of modern heavy rock and alternative metal with a lot of "generation X" feeling. They prefer letting people decide what KILLSON means, and KILLSON likes to play hard!

KILLSON's sound is based on heavy guitar riffing and strong, gritty but always melodic vocals. Powerful groovy drumming, strong bass lines and heavy chording, along with lyrics drawn from real everyday life relationships and situations, makes the band live for the moment and continue giving their best on all levels.

KILLSON has one full length studio album named "IN LIMBO" which was released under "ROAR - Rock of Angels Records"  label on September of 2015, and the single "CREVICE" wich was self-released via digital distribution on February 2017 along with its video.

Do not miss this high-energy quartet’s pulsating wall-of-sound on a stage near you!

Maplerun is a modern rock band based in Europe. The group got together in 2007 in an effort to express emotions and feelings through music. A four piece band that combines music styles such as nu-metal, modern rock and alternative rock reflecting the various influences of the band members. Maplerun's second album "Restless" is mastered by TED JENSEN (Metallica, Evanesence, Linkin Park etc.) and artwork done by TRAVIS SMITH (Opeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Nevermore). The album was hosted in METAL HAMMER GREECE magazine as a premium on the issue (334) of October 2012 receiving astonishing reviews.

Maplerun supported the Swedish band KATATONIA on February 2013 in Athens as well as DAVE LOMBARDO's (ex - Slayer) group Philm in April 2013.

Maplerun - past two years the band has played a UK tour with AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE and RSJ (November 2013), as well as a European tour with SKINDRED & SOIL (February 2014). Maplerun's 3rd album will be produced by legendary producer and 3 time Grammy Award winner DAVID BOTTRILL (Tool, Stonesour, Muse, Placebo, Godsmack). The band has just completed the recordings and the new album is currently being mixed and will be in stores later this year. The members of Maplerun are devoted to the band and ready to take their music a step further.

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